Magento2 Api synchronization module

The Connector for Magento® 2 (2.2) is available @ MageToday and soon in the Magento Marketplace.

Since we upgraded our main stores to Magento 2 we are constantly looking for ways to automate as much as possible. We still processed all of our plaza orders manually in the Bol backend and spend quite some time correcting the inventory in the downloadable Excel sheets. This was obviously an unnecessary, very prone to error  task that we wanted to automate. We went looking for an existing solution and found a few like Effectconnect and Channable. The downside of these is that they are monthly subscription services and the data is synced to their servers first. That wasn’t something I wanted.

Therefore I spent the last couple of weeks developing my own offer and order synchronization module for Magento (2.1). The plan is that this module eventually grows as a generic Magento 2 marketplace sync module for orders and products. I was able to speed the api part up thanks to the Plaza API client for PHP.

I finished the first version this week and I am satisfied with the result: every inventory change is detected and send to Bol, new offers are syncable to Bol and orders including orderitems and their inventory decreases from Bol to Magento are synced. This is all done over the Magento cron so the actual order placement and product editing process in Magento is not slowed down.

The settings section has some default values. When they are filled the simple products get extra bol specific attributes like price, title, notes (offer description) and publish status. In the near future some extra features will be price comparison (Jan. 2019: this is now available) and an overview of potential products for Bol that are not synced yet.

In the short term, I do not have specific plans to release a public version because it is now integrated in an application designed towards our very specific needs. In the longer term I plan on releasing a separate public version if there is demand for it.

For any inquiries or questions regarding the Bol module you can always contact me.

3 Reacties

  1. Ericjan

    Hi, is there any public version yet for Magento 2? I’m verry interested. Hopefully you contact me. Thanks

  2. Emile


    your module for magento2 is also for sale
    I am looking for this module

    I would like to hear from you

  3. Hardik Malkani

    Hi, from where i can download the module because i could not find any download link here.
    Can you please share that.


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